Suzanne Fiscella, PA-C, BCPA, MS

Many caregivers feel pulled in different directions as they try to satisfy the needs of their parents, their own families, their jobs, and lastly, themselves.

I once heard an excellent definition of caregiving…

It’s an ever-changing journey with new problems demanding quick solutions...[but it doesn't have to be this way].

The caregiver who changed my life...

elder care

One day this lovely daughter came in with her mom. Since I was getting nowhere with her Mom, I asked the daughter if I could show her something in the lab.  At which point, we left the exam room. 

I turned and asked her how I could help her…help her mom.  She fell into my arms, the flood gates opened, and the tears just could not stop.  And I didn’t want them to…I wanted her to tell me everything…

I never realized the pain, loneliness, and grief this dear daughter had pent up inside of her.  What kind of caring professional was I if I couldn’t treat the WHOLE family?  Thus, my journey began…

I now see hundreds of caregivers each living in their own silence.  Worry, loneliness, depression, guilt, and frustration overwhelm our lives… which are already filled with stress. 

My own caregiving journey…

aregiving simple

My daughter, Mom, and Me...As I began my own journey in caregiving when my mom could no longer take care of herself and moved in with me. She would tell me stories about the “old days” and the struggles of growing up poor, how her generation was a generation who survived starvation, wars, and the Spanish flu of 1918 as well as the depression of 1929. She always told me to never forget that “old people had a life, too”

She also gave me pause, worry, and self-doubt as I struggled with her disabilities and decline. I did not know where or how to deal with these issues because I was emotionally held hostage.



Over the years, I have become a national speaker on caregiving. As I continue to speak and practice today, I ask the caregivers in my audiences and in my exam rooms what their caregiving roadmap looks like. 

The silence is deafening.

My hope for you is to give you the SAME formula I have used for years. As your experience unfolds, you are never without clarity, courage, and confidence to do the care you must.

Get my 6 RULES OF CAREGIVING SUCCESS so you can see the toll this takes on you and change it now.

It is the formula all professionals use. It is taught in medical schools, PA, NP, social work, nursing, and psychology programs. It is proven to bring in your world into peace and understanding.

About my family...


When I am not busy writing, speaking, and seeing patients, you can find me boating, fishing, walking the beach, or spending time with my three children. 

I now live in sunny Ft Myers, FL.  I moved here after raising my family in Lexington, KY.

I can be contacted at

About you…

Each caregiving journey is different. 

Every senior will age differently. 

The rate of aging, the disease which will eventually take them.

Their silence, their aches, and pains which they mask will hold every caregiver hostage with worry.

Here at Caregiver Haven™, no one has to figure this out on their own. We'll walk you through this process.

We know family caregiving....

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