and here's why...

I began Patient Best®, LLC to teach others what I had learned to do: BECOME A PATIENT ADVOCATE.

As the years went by, I realized that not only were the caregivers who brought their parents or spouse into my medical office needing good medical care but they needed help with home living conditions, legal documents, money scams, insurances, medical bills, moving into the right facility, driving, dementia, and disability.

So Caregiver Haven was born out of the need for more than just medical care. It became a passion of mine to treat the WHOLE caregiver, just as I always treat my WHOLE patient, not just the disease.

Finding the top of the line professionals was easy. Asking them to help was easier because I only work with dedicated men and women who put patients and clients first above all else.

Do I still teach at Patient Best, LLC? Absolutely! All patients need to learn how to navigate our complex healthcare system.

But there is so much more...mental decline, disability, laws to protect patients and client, money to be saved, falls, home safety, moving, and so much more...

About the Author

Suzanne Fiscella, PA-C, BCPA, MA is a practicing physician assistant in Ft Myers, FL. Her patients have an average age of 86 and healthy. Suzanne is the founder of The Patient Education Movement, a non-profit organization that gives caregivers FREE help and education when they need it. She also runs webinars for companies who want to save money, employees, and time against the need to caregive. This 6-week seminar is call Caregiver Works™. Her latest venture, Caregiver Haven teaches her community of caregivers how to live a caregiving life they love!